In today’s world, it is possible for an independent artist or record label to make a lot of money without the support of a major record label. Of course, growing your business as an independent takes time, knowledge, dedication and connections. The problem is that all of these take you away from doing what you do best – making music!

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THE READING ROOM: Joey McGee Embraces Storytelling in Both Books and Songs
Henry Carrigan Posted On April 11, 2019 in No Depression T Nicola Gell Photography Texas roots singer-songwriter Joey McGee loves a good story, and he’s thrilled when he can put a good story to music. When he’s not letting an idea for a new song percolate in his mind, McGee’s reading a good book or…... read more
New Online Course for artists and songwriters available from on July 1, 2020
We are excited to announce the release of our first online course, "Step by Step Plan to Launch Your Music Business"! We have been working hard over the past several months to create a course based on what we have been teaching one on one with our client artists over the past 20 years! Now…... read more
Will Carter Drops New Album ‘Good Bad Idea’ on April 12
Carter Hosts And Headlines At Release Party In Houston With his latest single “Too Much Fun” available now, soulful Texas country rocker Will Carter follows up with his sophomore solo album. Titled Good Bad Idea, it releases on Friday, April 12. That same evening, Carter and his band, plus guest artist Briana Adams, will play…... read more

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