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The end of 2021!!

Here I sit updating our website at the end of some of the craziest yearsI have ever experienced. We were set to have several great releases, tours set to launch and an exciting launch of our new online course ” Step by Step Plan to Launch Your Music Business”, AND THEN…..everything had to be shut down to “slow the spread” of Covid – 19.

It really didn’t change my daily life on its own. BUT when my daily life is spent planning, executing and developing the music and dreams of our indieExtreme clients. But coming off those first 2 months was a shock I and so many others were unprepared to find that everything was away! Everything was wiped away! ALL of the shows gone. Venues were shut down and empty for over 6 months or more.

Getting the system up and running again meant that we had to start all over again. Starting over with the artists we manage. We worked to help artists we manage fill dates as opportunities began to reopen.

2021 has been a GREAT year! Our artists and labels are working harder than ever to expand their fan bases, grow their relationships with radio and venues.

Now is the time to create a plan and start working that plan. We have found new tools to help you reach a larger audience! And we have made these tools available as part of our ONLINE Course!

Give me a call or text me and we will work to make the online course accessible at a special price that only our existing clients will have access to in early 2022 !

Kathy Douglas

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