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Singer/Songwriter Rachel Price Releases New Music Video “Falling Off The Earth”

The First Single From Her New EP “Home”

Los Angeles, CA:   Singer/Songwriter Rachel Price has a lot to celebrate. She has just released a new music video for her single “Falling Off The Earth and has also has teamed with Australian-born, Music City-based producer, musician and composer Michael Flanders  for a brand-new, six-song EP, Home.  The  EP  (released on May 5th) is a tribute to Rachel’s heartland roots and a glimpse into a promising future and was recorded in Nashville.  The process  was a real life family affair, as Price collaborated with producer Michael Flanders’ wife Chaise and son Ben (for five of the disc’s six songs) with her own solo credit on the title track, a wistful celebration of her heartland roots.

WATCH: Rachel Price Falling Off The Earth Video

Reflecting on the single, Price states:  “Falling off the Earth is very special and personal song to me and it is  amazing to see it come to  life.. The dancing was somewhat of a challenge, but nothing exciting ever happens inside of your comfort zone! It was an absolute pleasure working with director Matt Lawrence and my co-star Cameron Gilliam and I am beyond excited to finally share some new art with the world.”

Said  Rachel of writing the song “Home,”  “I was picturing how I grew up. I thought of bare feet and it was so vivid, that one thing sparked the whole song. It got me thinking about how after you leave, you’re still friends with people you went to high school with even though things will never be the same and you won’t be hanging out with those same people every weekend. But I keep coming back to the fact that even though everything is different, I belong there, and I will always have that feeling.”

A proud Nebraska Cornhusker football fan, Price first gained attention when she wrote a song about her home state a few years ago called “Little Nebraska Town.” The song was used in a video as part of renowned photographer Bill Frakes’ The Nebraska Project and generated over a million views online while celebrating the people, places and stories that are the essence of the state.

“Bill traveled all over to promote unique parts of Nebraska. A video was created for my song, which was used to spotlight the culture of football in the state” says Price. “It got more than a million views. Having so many people relate to something I wrote sparked my interest in making music for the rest of my life.

With Home, Price demonstrates a remarkable range for someone so young, with personal songs that include the lilting, hopeful ode to romance, “Lemonade,” in which Rachel urges, “Let your love flow/Let your love shine/Let your love grow.”

Rachel explained, “We wanted to write a happy summer song. I looked out the window and thought even though it’s raining outside, I’m so happy. On days where it’s not all sunshine, you have to make yourself happy. The song just kind of morphed into what it is now.”

On the other end of the spectrum, the defiant “Love Is War” and the funky rhythms of “True Love Tragedy,” touch on real-life ruptures in life. The EP’s first single “Falling Off The Earth” is  co-written with Luke Wade and evoked many emotions from Rachel…“I was feeling really sad, and devastated when I started to write with Luke” recalls Rachel. “And he said, it sounds like you’re falling off the earth and he’s watching you and I thought, yeah, that’s right. I’m hurting so bad, and he doesn’t care at all.  And then we had our song.”

These days, Price is finally beginning to feel comfortable in her adopted home of Nashville. “There is so much energy and so many people here to feed off creatively.  There are so many different things happening here now. It forces me to be really uncomfortable on a daily basis – in a good way. In new situations, I’m learning how to adapt. And writing music here is an everyday thing. I love it.”

With her new Home EP, Rachel Price is starting to forge a new identity. “There is only one place you gave your heart to first,” she sings in the title track, but adds about the imminent release, “I’ve never been more excited about anything in my life. New songs for the whole world to hear.”

That journey has taken her far from that “Little Nebraska Town” with a population of 3,700, but Rachel Price seems to be making a new Home.

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Photo Credit:  Kristen Barlowe

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