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About Us

Proving to artists and labels that “You Don’t Have to Get a Big Deal to Be a Big Deal,” indieExtreme®, and its dedicated founder, Kathy Douglas, are celebrating continued success as it reaches its 10th year.

What started as a belief that independent artists and songwriters needed more direction, education and services than the current market provided, Douglas (who holds 25 years of experience in direct sales as a Sr. Executive Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics) launched indieExtreme® in 2006. Based on the premise of providing the personalized attention that major labels and service companies couldn’t offer, under her leadership, indieExtreme® has remained vigilant in its education of the vastly changing practices and staying on top of trends to assist independent artists and labels succeed in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Positioning itself as a leader in the independent music movement, indieExtreme® utilizes comprehensive services at tiered price points to provide the resources needed to launch, develop and maintain a highly successful career. Serving as a parent label to independent artists and labels, this innovative team implements the concept of a cooperative administrative company to provide “back office” support so that member artists and labels can focus on creative endeavors. This support encompassed various functions including administrative services, e-commerce management, bookkeeping services, e-marketing, vendor coordination, music licensing, merchandising, artist development, database development, marketing, business plan development, and more. With indieExtreme®, artists and labels are granted access to the resources, staff and expertise to build a business featuring a built-in support system that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Helping artists and labels grow their business with knowledge, dedication and connections, indieExtreme® differs from other “technology based” services by delivering a high level of personalized attention and setting a standard as artists develop their careers. Adapting as the music industry evolved into a digital marketplace, Douglas’ relationships as an artist manager in Texas over the past 10 years have opened doors to industry veterans who have shaped the development of resources at the highest levels for member artists and labels. As a result, indieExtreme® continues to partner with leaders in vital fields throughout the music industry including INgrooves Music Group and Navigation Partners LLC., are key associates. The latter brought Douglas together with Peggy Dold, who has held senior marketing, artist development and international positions for major and independent labels for 30+ years, and together they lead the directives of April Sound Entertainment Group (ASEG) in expanding the opportunities for clients who choose to utilize the marketing/business plan services offered.

Forging an impeccable reputation for integrity and character, indieExtreme® focuses on creating successes for each artist and label under its umbrella. Living for the moments in which they achieve a goal, see a dream come true, sign a deal and gain the honors they had worked so hard for success, stories range from #1 singles to major award nominations. Having a hand early on in the career of artists Kyle Hutton, Stephanie Urbina Jones, and Matt Brouwer, indieExtreme® is proud to have represented Evangeline, Richie Fike, Nick Verzosa, Grant Harrison, Parker McCollum, Moonlight Social and many others.

indieExtreme®  is a proud member of NARAS, Americana Music Association, Gospel Music Association, and NARIP.


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