Artist’s Mother and Child CD Chosen for Madison & Mulholland
Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag for the Stars

HOUSTON ( February 2006 ) - San Antonio singer-songwriter Paige Stroman’s CD of lullabies, Mother and Child, could soon be in the hands of Hollywood’s elite A-List.

Her 10-song project on the Lullabyland label has been selected for inclusion in the fourth annual Madison & Mulholland’s Ultimate Nominee gift bag. The gift bag-considered the top “swag bag” by Variety magazine - will be distributed to Oscar nominees at an exclusive pre-Oscar party at the Haven, a mansion in Beverly Hills. This year’s M/M gift bag will honor the top-10 women in film. The Academy Awards will be presented on Feb. 25.

“It is so exciting to have this opportunity to share my music and these relaxing lullabies with other women whose paths have included the pursuit and realization of a dream, as well as the joys of motherhood,” said Stroman, whose Mother and Child CD won a Silver National Parenting Publications Award in 2002. “With the current baby boom in Hollywood, and motherhood a new focus amongst celebrities, my CD is a gift bag item that speaks to each new celebrity mother ’s need to care for and connect with her child. I completely relate to the creative process of those in the film industry and their career goals.”

The Lullabyland Mother and Child CD was nominated for inclusion in the M/M Ultimate Nominee gift bag by VisioNet’s Women’s Channel President Erin Siggard. An official invitation was received in Stroman’s behalf during a women’s networking event in Long Beach, Calif. The gift bags are filled with delicious, sexy and novel products dedicated to acknowledging small business owners and creating awareness for trendy but eco-friendly products.

Stroman’s own experiences as an only child of a loving mother are integrated into the gentle melodies of her Mother and Child CD. After years of songwriting and pursuing a recording career, she found herself close to giving up on her dream. She decided to take a chance by asking a simple career-related question on an “ask the expert” web site. A life-changing answer came from Canadian producers Terry McManus and Jack Richardson - the result is her album of original lullabies. The 2001 recording sessions were deepened with added emotion on the first day of recording when Stroman learned that she was now singing to her own child, Matthew, who would be born later that year.

The Mother and Child CD, which was produced by Richardson, has been featured in the Sepia Photo Baby’s First Christmas and Baby’s First Easter packages for two years in more than 175 malls across the country. Sales of the CD and a subsequent second lullaby album, Christmas Lullabies to Create Memories, have exceeded 20,000 over the past 18 months with limited regional marketing and publicity. Mother and Child is the only lullaby CD featured in The Sleep Lady, an on-line store owned by Kim West, a children’s sleep expert and author of Good Night, Sleep Tight.

VisioNet TV will play a major role at this year’s pre-Oscar festivities at the Haven. The newly launched broadband TV channel will enable consumers to view and buy products during re-occurring shopping segments. The network is teaming with Madison & Mulholland to telecast events for Haven-based Hollywood events.

“Being included in the Ultimate Nominee gift bags gives me the inspiration to keep on pursuing my dreams,” Stroman added. “Being an entrepreneur is a bit like putting a puzzle together, but not knowing what the end result will look like. This opportunity is just one more piece of my dream puzzle!”

A former student of the Berklee College of Music, Stroman began her music career as a contemporary Christian artist in Nashville. Just prior to recording Mother and Child, the artist discovered she was pregnant. The news added emotional vulnerability to the project - she was singing to her own child for the very first time.

In 2005, Stroman developed a “magical place” on the Internet called Lullabyland. The web site,, gives weary travelers on the parenting journey a place to enjoy musical messages of love, hope and peace.

Stroman is managed by Kathy Douglas, president and founder of Houston-based Extreme Dreams LLC. The artist is married to Bryan Stroman, an employee of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. They have one son, Matthew, now 5 years old.

For more information about Stroman, her CDs, or Lullabyland LLC, call (713) 398-7304, send an e-mail inquiry to, or visit or


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